Lookup column value of Document Set content type is not saving in sharepoint list

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Our requirement is to create a people picker column (took Auto-Complete control for this). We created a Document set content type in Sharepoint. In that content type we added a lookup column, person or group type.

We created our application through K2 for Blackpearl app. All the columns’ value are saving in sharepoint library through update document set method other than lookup column (person or group type).


Did anyone had a same issue with document set and lookup column? I am looking for a solution for this issue.


I appreciate any help in resolving this issue.


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Re: Lookup column value of Document Set content type is not saving in sharepoint list

Are you on version 4.7?  The "Programs and Features" on the K2 server will indicate a version number of '4.16060.2000.x' for K2 components.


If so, do you have any Cumulative Update and/or Fix Pack installed?  This can be confirmed via a select query against the K2 database:

SELECT * FROM [HostServer].[UpdateHistory]


If this table does not exist, this indicate that a CU/FP had not yet been applied.


This may be a bug that was addressed in the February CU:


"Using Document sets content type did not retrieve data when using with people picker control andor taxonomy field."

You can search for this by expanding the "Included in this Update" section and searching for a word of the bug above against against the KB Below:



The latest CU available at this posting is the August CU:



This can be downloaded toward the bottom of:


* this does requires a portal account login


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