K2 for SharePoint Issuer error

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Hi everybody,


I've installed and configured K2 black perl 4.6.11 then K2 for SharePoint.

The app has been deployed to my SharePoint App Catalog then I've installed it in my site.


When I've tried to go to the app from my site I configured the K2 URL then I've clicked Next but the redirection finished on error:

Could not find the Issuer to use for authentication. For more information see


I've followed the link but no change...


Here is my configuration:

     - Windows Server 2012 R2;

     - SharePoint Server 2013;

     - SQL Server 2014;

     - ADFS.


Any idea?


Kind regards,


Kevin LR


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Re: K2 for SharePoint Issuer error

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It sounds like your Claims settings are not in sync within your Identity tables in the K2 DB, you may have to check they are set correctly. 


It may be best to log a K2 support ticket to do this.

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