K2 Worklist to show tasks from all users

We have a slight different requirement, which is to show tasks from all users, using the worklist webpart.


I realise that the very definition of the control is to show "work items for the current user" but I have to wonder if there is any way at all to make it query all tasks, as to avoid creating a custom control.


Additionally - although not a must-have - we would like to be able to see tasks that have already been finished or expired as well.


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Re: K2 Worklist to show tasks from all users

Hi jlm


You cant do this with the worklist web part, but you can do it with your own custom smartform list.


You can use the Activity Instance Destination smart object (Workflow Reports -> Workflow General) to list tasks. The only catch is it will only list tasks that the executing using can see (i.e. they need to be process admin to see any tasks not assiged to themselves)



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