Java Script for opening new tabs.

We currently use k2 in an iframe for CRM dynamics and it works very well.  Reports/forms open up in a new tab when clicked.


We switched the main interface to the Dynamics Interactive Hub and the iframes no longer open new tabs when certain buttons are clicked.


Loging a support, the MS engineers want to know the Javascript behind the k2 form which opens up new windows/tabs for support purposes.  I was wondering if anyone can help get what they are looking for?  or know a way to open new tabs in Dynamics Interactive hubs from a k2 iframe.

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Re: Java Script for opening new tabs.

you cna write a Java script and make sure you select option to target parent and new windows in it.


Other way is create a rule on form that navigate to URL and over there you selct target parent  and new window. This might work. 

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