Is anyone using VS2015 Update 3?

BP 4.6.11

My .kprx is 6 meg (largest we have), targeting .net framework 4.0 and VS2015 crashes/restarts itself after successful build.

VS2015 crashes/restarts itself after running Deploy Package command successfully. 

If I target .NET 4.5.2 it reports a lot of deprecated methods warning then VS2015 crashes/restarts itself.


My machine has 32GB memory and I was able to deploy a smaller process last week with the same VS2015 update 3 without this issue.


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Re: Is anyone using VS2015 Update 3?

I am running update 3 but actually haven't used anything lately other than Smart Object project items as we aren't to workflow yet. I'd suggest running a repair on the K2 client components as I have ran into issues with the K2 bits not being right with Visual Studio after the Update 3. Also, I'd open a ticket with K2 Support so that the issue can be tracked and you can get help if the repair of the K2 Client bits does not help.



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