How to add user comment before action?

1) I have created a view "Comments" to get user comments


2) I have a form with Submit button. User clicks the Submit button to action the workflow


In form rules > when Submit is clicked > I am performing following tasks

a) Open "Comments" as subview

b) show a Message


When I run the form and clik on Submit button, it opens the subview and immediately shows the Message (b) without submitting a comment in the subview.


I want, when I Click Submit button on the form,

1) Open the Comments as subview then stay until I submit a comment in that subview, Once comment is submitted, then

2) show a Message


How can I achieve this please?

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Re: How to add user comment before action?



I assume your subview "comments" has text area and a button.


first you change your Submit button ... remove the "show message" action from it.

in this way... when you click on Submit, it will show "comments" as subview and hold until u do another action.


Now you can wait until u write your comment... then you will have a button on this "comments" subview, lets say you call it "BTN_AfterCommentSubmit"


now you go back to your form... and add a new rule..

add when a button on subview is clicked .... for the "BTN_AfterCommentSubmit"

-Show a message.


so what we did here is simple removing "show message" from the main Submit button... and moved it to the sub view Submit button...

Hope it helps!