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How to Restore Deleted Item from List

Surprisingly, this has never happened before but I need to restore a deleted item from a list.  It is a pure K2 form that writes back to the Database.  About a week ago, some user deleted an item that is needed for a report.  I can see the workflow that was triggered on its submission, but the item itself is just gone.  I pulled the raw data to verify, but it’s definitely been deleted.

My question is how do i get it back?  If this was sharepoint, it would be waiting for me in the site recycle bin.  I’ve tried searching, but cannot find any mention of how to retrieve data in forums or guides.  Has anyone had to restore a single deleted item before?

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Re: How to Restore Deleted Item from List

Hi rnh82,

If your solution is making use of the external SQL database, then it’s likely that you need to restore your application’s database to a state before the user is deleted the record.