Hours Worked column not totalled correctly



Editable list has column called "Hours Worked" set to  (decimal with 2 places)


For example Start Time i have 08:55 am, End Time is 12:00 pm

The time difference is calculated as 3.08 Hours and put in the "Hours Worked" Column


I then go and have a column with a Hrly Rate of £10.23 which calculates total payable as £31.54 (this is wrong, it should be £31.51)


Although the Hours Worked column displays to 2 decimal places (3.08 hours), if you double click on column it shows: 3.08333333333333333333


How can i make the actual figure in the column to 2 decimal places (not just display time) ???? I think the Hours Worked is using the underlying 3.08333333333333333333 to calculate rather than the rounded 3.08 figure...


I am using an expression to populate the Hours Worked as follows:


Date/time Difference (hour, End Time, Start Time)

Do i need something in the above expression to round to 2 decimal places perhaps?


Any ideas

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Re: Hours Worked column not totalled correctly



Have you considered using an additional expression and operator prior to making the calcuation for the total pay?


There is a mathmatical operator "Format Number" that should be applicable in your use case:


Hope that helps!


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