Hide a Button while Row is being edited?



In a Editable list, is it possible to Hide the Delete Toolbar button while a Row is being edited?


If a user clicks on the Delete Toolbar while a row is being edited, it saves the Record but does not delete it. After it's saved, the user has to click delete again to delete the record.


So i was wondering if the delete Toolbar can be hidden while the row is being edited?

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Re: Hide a Button while Row is being edited?



If i got you right, i have a thought i would share, 

the row is being edited by an "action" from the user, which is double click on the row itself or it could be an edit button .

you could use these actions to catch when the row is being edited ... 


as an example, if u let users edit rows by double clicking....

you could add a rule that when a row is double clicked, then hide the delete toolbar button ..



hope it helps!


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