Force a Control on a View to perform the Change Event from the form level.

Hi All, I have a series of Checkbox List Controls on a View that shows or hides the subsequent checkbox lists using the Change event of the control.


Is there a way to Force this Change event of a Views Control using a Rule at the Form Level?

I've tried several of the standard rules and can't seem to find one that does what I'm looking for.


I can clear the Data in the Checkbox Lists using the View Clear event, but that leaves all previously selected Lists viewable and wipes out other data I want to keep, which I don't want. Normally each checkbox list is shown or hidden when the client clicks on one of the Checkboxes in the list.


Effectively I want to do a reset of all the checkbox lists from the Form Level.

Hiding all the subordinated Checkbox Lists, and clearing all the checks.

Leaving behind only my top level checkbox list.


I could use a 'Set a View control's properties'.

But I'd had to use a lot of them to get the job done.

I already have a lot of rules in this project.


I'm hoping there might be an easier way. 🙂


Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Force a Control on a View to perform the Change Event from the form level.

Hi Keith


Have you tried using the "Execute another rule" action to force execution of the List box change events? You can call this from the form and select any rule on the form and its views.


Alternatively you can clear a checkbox by using the transfer data action (just tick the control and leave the value empty). This will clear the checkbox and fire its change event.



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Re: Force a Control on a View to perform the Change Event from the form level.

Thanks Andrew, appreciate the response.


I found a workaround.


Since I have each of my CheckBoxLists in a two Column Table for formatting purposes.

I edited the Initalize Event of the View and hid the Tables on startup, as this will always be the condition on Starting the view.


Effectively everytime I start the view it should start now the same way.


Then in the Form Rule I added an "Execute View Method"

and the Select Method was Initialize. 



then on select view, execute the select method method (configure)


The beauty of this was that I can now use the same rule in several places on my form to make it more Client friendly.




thanks again


Regards Keith.

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