Beginner Question about Visual Studio and K2 integration

Hello K2 Community

I just started K2 ramp up this week. I have been able to complete basic demos and tutorial (leave application and its extended version).


I am looking to learn worksflows, smartforms and views integration in Visual Studio environment. Since I am using K2 Version 4.7, I looked into the user guide. The 4000 Pages document has a lot of details but I can't find beginner level information. 


Please advise if we have any beginner guides/guides toy demos for Visual Studio-K2 integration? What is the recommended learning flows for the newbie?




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Re: Beginner Question about Visual Studio and K2 integration

Hi Eddy


Perhaps have a look at these resources:
https://help.k2.com/k2lc-bp2 (K2 blackpearl Extensions)
https://help.k2.com/displaycontent.aspx?id=10900 (Advanced Workflows with K2 for Visual Studio exercises)
https://help.k2.com/displaycontent.aspx?id=6237 (How to K2: Debugging workflows with Visual Studio)


I would suggest emailing learning@k2.com as they will best assist you in regards to K2 learning material.