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System Access Requests SmartStarter

K2 SmartStarters provide  preconfigured apps to streamline your processes,  built to help you work smarter and get business done faster .


Easily manage system and application access requests with an automated approval process that routes the request to the appropriate people for approval


In the System Access Requests SmartStarter, the process was built to facilitate the granting of temporary or permanent access in applications and systems. The application was designed to be generic and may need some tweaks in order to comply with specific implementations. The request form, completed by a user that interacts with the system (typically developers), captures the necessary details about the request, then starts a workflow that will route the request to relevant employee(s) in order to get access granted.


The request is first approved by the system owner. Once approved, the process is routed to the system administrator(s) for the selected system who will review the request and grant the requested access. For both these approval steps, the request can be rejected or routed back for rework if they feel the request is not fully warranted.


Once access has been granted, the originator will receive an email with the confirmation. For temporary access, a new task to revoke the granted access will be created when the revoke date is reached.




SmartStarters are created on standard K2 artifacts and available to you to use as is or modify. Please Note: SmartStarters are only available to users with a valid K2 Portal account (customers or partners).


Please Click "Download All Files" to accept the EULA and access the System Access Requests SmartStarter download location and related documentation that explains how to set up and administer

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