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New Idea Submissions Management SmartStarter

K2 SmartStarters provide  preconfigured apps to streamline your processes,  built to help you work smarter and get business done faster .


Create an easy way for employees to submit ideas that can benefit the company and provide recognition opportunities for employees, all without getting lost in emails or stuck in management chains.


In the New Idea Submission Application Accelerator, the request form submitted by a company employee captures the idea details and assigns a task to an employee in the Knowledge Management group. The person can then decide whether the idea is valid or not and if a meeting is required with the originator for clarification. It can also be routed back for rework. After initial approval, the task will be assigned to an Evaluation group which will create an implementation plan for the new idea and decide if the originator should receive an award for it.


SmartStarters are created on standard K2 artifacts and available to you to use as is or modify. Please Note: SmartStarters are only available to users with a valid K2 Portal account (customers or partners).


Please Click "Download All Files" to accept the EULA and access the New Idea Submissions SmartStarter download location and related documentation that explains how to set up and administer

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