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K2 Menu System

A flexible Menu/Navigation framework to build SmartForms that have data driven menus. Menus can be configured to have any style based on a library of style that can be customised to your liking.


The following features are included:

  • Build Top and Side style Portal/Dashboard Forms through the use of Template Forms
  • Menu Links that can be configured to point to K2 Forms, Internet Websites or even Click K2 buttons on the K2 Form being displayed.
  • Menu Designer with the following capabilities 
  •      Define Associated Systems to allow grouping Menus/Menu Items together per System
  •      Configure First Level Menu Items with icons 
  •      Configure Second Level Menu Items with icons 
  •      Menu Item Permissions can be set allow only certain users to see certain menu items as well as be used for form level security.
  •      Configure multiple menus per Associated System 
  •      Configure Style (This is the look and feel of a menu) with full capability to specify every aspect of how the HTML and CSS (even JS) is generated 
  •      Import and Export of Styles (This allows you to share your hard work with others) 
  •      Templates (so you can quickly get a new Portal/Dashboard Form going) 
  •      Mobile support with responsive CSS.
  •      Import/Export Associated Systems. This allows you to extract all of the Menus/Styles built for a specific system and import it on another environment.
  • New SwitchDesk Feature allows for seemless navigation between Associated System through the means of a clever overlay menu.

Some notes about the K2MenuSystem and its components:

  • NO Custom Controls. The K2MS uses DataLabels to render the Menus.
  • Uses a custom DB which is seperate from the K2 DB. The DB is deployed as a DataTier Application (or DACPAC) and allows for easy upgrading to future versions of the K2MS without having to redesign any K2 Forms.
  • All Logic for generating Menu HTML is contained within SQL Stored Procedures.
  • Images are primarily embeded via DataURI although any URL location is supported through configuration.
  • This Solution was designed with a minimal K2 dependency footprint to ensure that it is virtually impossible for it to break when upgrading your version of K2. NOTE:This is impossible to gaurantee so always test your solutions on the latest version before upgrading you existing environments.
  • Template Forms are included to assist in building new Dashboard/Menu Forms with either a Top Menu, a Side Menu or Top and Side Menu which allows you to create complex configuration screens.



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