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SSIS Run Macro through SMO

Hi guys,


I am trying to create a workflow which contains an activity that is actually running a Macro VBA code from an Excel file, but I am getting an error which is not that descriptive.


The only way I figured to run a macro from a VBA file is through SQL's SSIS and a Script Task. Everything runs smootly when I am running the package from SSIS, the same good outcome when I am running the Stored Proc from SQL which runs this package, but when I am running the Stored Proc from  SmartObject, I am retrieving this error: "Script Task: Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."


From a quick search, I've seen that is a general issue and it does not really point to a specific issue and this is the reason of this post.


Could you please tell me if this error/case is something you have seen until now?


Also, I am open to other solutions then SSIS for running a Macro, but right now this was the single one I can see.


Many thanks in advance!

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