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k2 5.3 .net Core 2.1 end date

with .net core 2.1 end of live date of later this year, will the k2 5 requirement of having 2.1.7 installed be changed to .net 5?  Will updating .net core to 5 on a k2 blackpearl server break K2?

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Re: k2 5.3 .net Core 2.1 end date

Hi pz3zlx,


As of K2 Five 5.4, .NET Core 2.1.8 is required to install or upgrade K2.


You can refer to the compatibility matrix for more details: https://help.nintex.com/en-US/K2CompatibilityMatrix/CompatMatrix/Content/ProductCompatibilityMatrix....


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Re: k2 5.3 .net Core 2.1 end date

Hello Kate,

i think what pz3zlx meant to say was. We must update .NET Core.


I had a ticket with labs on this matter and the answer form labs was: "no support for anything that is above .NET Core 2.X. "


This puts many enterprise customers in an unpleasant situation because we do need to follow security guidelines.


Is this a priority issue? Where do we go from here?







.NET Core  https://dotnet.microsoft.com/platform/support/policy/dotnet-core

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