Re: how to restart an expired task

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Maybe the issue was linked to task system name/display name. You can see the both with the Process Version Migration Utility: https://community.k2.com/t5/K2-blackpearl/Process-Version-Migration-Utility-v3-0-6/ba-p/98975
Warning:  we have encountered a problem with GoToActivity (K2 Five 5.1 to 5.4 at least)
Following the use of the go to activity inside a Split/Merge the workflow stops at the “Merge” step next. Issue appears with Go To Activity from Management site with K2 Five new designer (Split and merge was not possible in K2 Studio).
The issue appears too with Process Version Migration Utility: https://community.k2.com/t5/K2-blackpearl/Process-Version-Migration-Utility-v3-0-6/ba-p/98975
At the same time, I asked to an impacted customer to create 2 K2 Ideas created in order to maximize the chances of having actions taken on this subject which can be blocking.
I therefore invite you to vote on these K2 ideas:
Fix issue: after go to activity, the workflow stop at the next merge step.
Add warning message in case of use of Go to activity from Management site to avoid important issue with split branches.
Please vote on them and don't hesitate to transfer to your colleagues who have a K2 account: For a K2 Idea to possibly be considered, you need at least 20 votes.

In addition, a normal behavior to know is the following:
If there are several activities in progress on the same instance of worklfow and that one uses the GoToActivity on any activity,
all the activities are finished and it does not will remain more than that specified by the Go To Activity.
However, it is possible to do a Go To Activity for a specific activity via the API.
This functionality has been implemented in the Workflow Management: https://community.k2.com/t5/K2-blackpearl/WorkflowManagement-Service/ba-p/65416
With this tool, we have possiblity to specifiy the "FromActivityName".
SmartObject service tester++ URL (https://community.k2.com/t5/General-K2-Utilities/SmartObject-Service-Tester-plus-plus/ba-p/92426😞
SmartObject ExplorerDefaultSmoTask_managementMethodsGotoActivity -E ProcInstID=123;FromActivityName=Task1;ActivityName=Task3
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