Using transfer data with list view data

Hi, I would like to ask is that any way that I can transfer all the data from the list view to a rich text box? I could successfully transfer the latest row but not the entire list view row.




After pressing the Click button


Thank you.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Using transfer data with list view data

One possible implementation is to add another data label 'details concatenated' for example, then add a rule that:

when the {Details Rich Text} is changed

transfer data to {details concatenated} with settings '{Details Rich Text}; {details concatenated}'

then you can use the {details concatenated} at the end, where its values may look like:

testing of testing2; testing3 of testing4, testing 5 or testing6

Or if this is SQL service instance, perhaps a stored procedure can do the aggregation for you and return the desired string.

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Re: Using transfer data with list view data

I would recommend that you do a "for each item" loop when the button is clicked and, for each iteration, do a data transfer that concatenates the current iteration value with the rich text box value. let me know if that makes any sense at all, I can elaborate further if not.

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