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Upgrade from 4.7 to Five

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Hi All!

Please help us to plan the implementation well:

The current K2 is version 4.7, which includes both smartforms (views) and process. Target is pure K2 Five, so no upgrades.

The number of smartforms and views ~300

Planned steps:

  • K2 4.7 in-place upgrade to K2 Five
  • Desing a new K2 Five worklow (base from version 4.7)
  • Only change the smartforms that are involved in the process.
  • Create a new K2 installation package
  • Deploy package under clean K2 Five

We don’t want to recreate smartforms (and/or views), only change those that have process references.

Is it workable?



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Cloud Wanderer

Re: Upgrade from 4.7 to Five

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Yes, the steps you’ve laid out there sound like they will work in general. There may be some other specific things tied into your workflow processes (like SmartObject methods) but the package & deploy wizard should help you ferret out and correct those when you deploy to the new environment.

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