SmartObject OData API - Workflow Error Date

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We are creating our own K2 Performance Power BI Report. We are using K2’s Power BI report as a template.

At a high level, I am currently trying to put together a line chart displaying workflow errors. However, I am having a problem trying to obtain the Error Date of a Process Instance.


It is displayed within K2 Management: 



However I cannot identify the field within any of K2’s built-in Workflow Analytic SmartObjects:



I come across is the finish date field, but this is only set when a Process has a status of Completed or Deleted.

What I need is simply the error date for all Processes with a status of Error.


If anyone has could help, that would be great.





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Re: SmartObject OData API - Workflow Error Date

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Update: I worked out how to do this in the end. I will share incase anyone else interested. 

At a very high level,

  1. Filter on the following:
  • Activity Instance table: Status is Completed
  • Process Instance table: Status is Error or Stopped
  1. Then the error date is:
  • Activity Instance table: Finished Date