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We are currently in the process of using an external WebForm in order to submit data to a SharePoint list via SharePoint REST services. Since we are using an external form we want to have a URL formatted so that the Title input to the user is formatted as a hyperlink to open the external form and READ the SP Data.


The issue I am having is, SharePoint OOTB Hyperlink field has two values the URL and the Display text, when the external form sets the display text, I need the workflow to make an edit to the field and set the URL.


Instead - the workflow is setting the Display text and the URL with my environment variable: https:externalform.com. Causing SharePoint to display the the URL as https://externalform.com, does anyone have a fix around this?


When creating the SharePoint smartobject and reference K2 sees the SharePoint hyperlink column as straight text field instead of HYPERLINK.


Thank you!

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: SharePoint List Hyperlink column

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Hi  jnewman


The raw text value stored in a SharePoint Hyperlink column is in the format "URL, DisplayText" i.e "https://www.google.com, Google"


In a workflow you can enter the Hyperlink Column property in the above format and specify the URL and display text manually.


I know there is also a Hyperlink Text Function in the Context browser, but I'm not sure if this generates the same output format that will be compatible with a SharePoint Hyperlink column.


Hope that helps.