Save as PDF from Content Control

We are currently attempting to use the Save As PDF to enable users to split a current PDF.

This is because when our users log queries, we need them to be able to access only the relevant page. We don’t want our users to have to manually split their PDFs and upload them the whole time. 

We tried to load the PDF to the content control (working perfectly) and then from there we would action the save as pdf control. It is performing the PDF actions, however the content control comes out blank. 

I have tried to use the PDF Converter SMO instead, but it seems to be taking forever and then bombs out. I can’t expect my users to wait in excess of 5 minutes for a conversion. 

Is there anyone that can help / guide on any of the below: 

  1. Help me to save the relevant page on the content URL control to PDF (help it to not show blank anymore) OR
  2. Help me with a way to only load a specific page when loading the content control in the first page OR
  3. Help me with any alternative way in which I can achieve a quick and easy way of technically splitting the PDF. 

Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated. 

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