Prompting to download the app when going to the workspace

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Some of my users are getting a random redirect when attempting to access the workspace. It goes to a page saying "Download the app for your device" even though they are not on a tablet. They are not on tablet mode either on windows 10. Some are still on windows 7 as well. 7299i96586E0ED32EA812.jpg Any ideas why this is happening?

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Re: Prompting to download the app when going to the workspace

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Please open F12 Developer tools, on the top left corner, by any chance is 'Toggle device toolbar' selected? If so, please disable it and then perform an IISRESET.  Perhaps also try clearing the browser cache and see if that helps.


If you are still being prompted to download the app, could you run a fiddler trace while reproducing the issue?


Instructions on how to run a fiddler trace:


Once you have a fiddler trace of the issue, please submit a support ticket and attach the trace. A K2 engineer will add this to the investigation for this issue.


In addition a browser's network trace may provide more information for the K2 Support Engineer. The next time the issue surfaces, please capture a trace using [F12] developer tools on the browser:

- Open Chrome
- Click on F12 to open the browser developer tools
- Click on the 'Network' tab. The trace should already be turned on.
- Refresh the page.
- Stop the trace once the "Download the App for your Device" screen appears.
- Select all of the requests then right-click > Save as HAR with Content






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