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I'm struggling with the PDF Converter while using inside a workflow. I had problems with some elements on my forms, that were heavily edited by CSS and JS. According to i changed the values of useWebkit and serializeResources to true. After this my PDFs are rendered perfectly.

Is there a way to set these values while using the SmartObject inside a workflow?

The reason for this is, that the user is supposed to select some values and starts the PDF generation process after that. The content of the selection form will be saved into one pdf and in addition to that other data items should also be saved into several pdfs which will be uploaded into a SharePoint library after this. The first PDF is generated with the Save As PDF control, but all additional PDFs are created in the background by a workflow and the useWebkit/serializeResources values are ignored.




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Re: PDF Converter in Workflow

Hi Adrian,
Ive worked with PDF Converter in a workflow and felt i might be of assistance.
Im not exactly sure what your problem is?
So if you have created a Service Instance with useWebkit and serializeResources to true, and you call the PDF converter, is everything not working as expected?
What i did was exactly that and then executed the Converter by passing the PDFFile SO.. i have also entered a value into the WarmUp call for it to take a while in the background to ensure the page is rendered and data is loaded.
I then created a form that takes a Reference as a parameter that has the rule if the parameter is set it will execute each view's Read method to load the data

- Ensure the PDF Converter is pointing to the correct service instance

I hope this helps as i am no
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Re: PDF Converter in Workflow


Would you be able to test by creating an additional PDF ServiceInstance, so you have :

* The out of the box ServiceInstance that will be used by SmartForms (PDF Control)

* And another one that will be used within the workflow



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