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Log for unauthorised access to a form

Hi All!


Is there any audit smartobject or log settings where the administrator view a unauthorised access to a form. After I set deny right in the management, the user get "Form 'XXX' could not be found. Ensure that the form exists, that it is checked in, and that you are authorized to run the form and its views."

We need a log for that unauthorised access. I tried hostserver.log (info level), security audit smartobject  and servicepackagein.log.




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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Log for unauthorised access to a form

Hi Laci,


The description you have posted seems to be similar to the request on the below link, kindly check it out


The link provided is a forum wherein you can log a new feature request or vote for other


Everyone that works in your office can vote on the idea to get more attention from the developers 




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