K2 Five - Execute Workflow at Specific Date/Time

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This may be far-fetched, but I am wondering if it is possible to allow a User to schedule a workflow to execute at a Custom Date/Time? Whereby the User does this via a Form?


For example:

  • User enters data onto different Fields on a Form
  • One of the Form Fields is a 'Schedule Date' calendar control
  • User enters the Date/Time for the Schedule
  • User clicks Save
  • Workflow is set to start on the 'Schedule Date'


If this is not possible, my current 'Plan B' would be to have a pre-defined reoccurring workflow schedule setup in K2 Management, whereby an interval is set (for example, every 30 minutes).

  • Then there is logic within the workflow to loop through and process Data from all users, based on the  entered schedule date
  • For this to work I may have logic on the Form so that the user can only enter the Time on every half hour (for example 10:30am, 11.00am)


I'm starting to think 'Plan B' is probably the better way to go about doing this. However I wanted to explore all options at the moment. The only 'observation' with Plan B is how often I would need to run the schedule (i.e. every 30 mins, every 5 mins etc.). Which will be determined by requirements further down the line...





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Re: K2 Five - Execute Workflow at Specific Date/Time

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Yes, your plan A is definitely possible. You can pass the start date as a data field to your new workflow instance and then have a timer activity as the first step that won't start until you reach the provided date/time. This is a pretty vague answer I know, if you need more details I can dig further but hopefully this will get you started.

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