K2 Five(5.4) API Issue

I have a K2 Five Farm with DEV, QA and PROD K2 Five (5.4 FP33) environments, and we are utilizing the ODATA API's to expose data to Power BI and RPA Bots. The DEV and PROD environments are working 100%, however the QA environment (2 K2 App Servers in NLB) are giving me a error when I am testing via Postman:


404 - File or directory not found - The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable...


All environments are running on their own AD Service Account, and all environments have their own dedicated SQL Server 2016 instances. 


I have compared each .config file on QA to make sure all is the same on both k2 app server nodes.

I have compared each .config file on QA to PROD to make sure the .config files are the same.


The QA K2 database was restored from PROD, SSO Key updated and all is functional, we can deploy K2 Artefacts, K2 Sites are working as expected.


It is just the API (SmartObject, Workflow) that is is no working;


Are the settings in the K2 Database that I need to check?

Are the permissions for the k2 service accounts that I need to check?

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: K2 Five(5.4) API Issue

Hi EckardMeyer,


Perhaps, you can turn on Odata API logging to get more information out of the error.

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