How to set permission for "K2 designer for sharepoint"

We are using K2 designer for sharepoint from the K2 Product. how to set folder permission for Sharepoint Folders in the K2 designer for sharepoint. Currently anyone who is having access in the K2 Designer for sharepoint able to edit all the Folders available in the K2 Desinger for sharepoint.


Step 1 : We have created the sharepoint site called "https://....../sites/site1".

Step 2:  We have provided access to "User 1" and "User 2".

Step 3:  User 1 developed Smartforms and workflows , then deployed to production.

Step 4:  User 3 [who is not having access in sharepoint site created in Step 1 , but user 3 having access in K2 designer for sharepoint] able to edit the smartform   developed in Step 3 and able to publish.


How to restrict the users to edit the Smartforms in desingers, who is not having access in sharepoint application from where the smartfrom developed.

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Re: How to set permission for "K2 designer for sharepoint"

This is not currently an option, but security and restrictions such as this is coming soon as this has been a feature that has been requested for some time and is currently under development, so watch https://help.k2.com/kb001421 for new and upcoming releases and features included in releases and patches.


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Re: How to set permission for "K2 designer for sharepoint"


Navigate to the site content, then click on the K2 app > Configure K2 Permissions there is two different types of Solution designers/ solutionn participants make sure all the users that shouldn't be able to modify/design solutions are not members of the groups selected in the solution deisgners group membership


you can modify the sharepoint groups on the site level. 


be sure to sync gruoups, if you don't know how to do that navigate to your SharePoint site content > K2 App > Synchronize gruops  then click on Synchronize all