How to save radion button list value to smart object when the selection chages

I have a two button radio button list with static values of Yes or No. If on the smart form the submitter selects Yes the smart object create method readily stores the Yes value. Later in the process the submitter has the chance to reject terms and conditions by selecting No. However I cannot get this value to save to the smart object. I tried smart object save method and the view save method to no avail. Then I tried the action “When a control on a view raises change” and then using the smart object method to save.

This sequence was written in an unbound rule and wasn’t called until the request ID parameter was specified and the workflow activity was specific. However this sequence appears to trump all other rules and fires when the submitter first selects Yes before clicking submit resulting in two Request ID;s created, one with only the Yes value and one with all the other data besides Yes.

Could this strange behavior be because the unbound rule was systematically placed under the view the radio buttons are on instead of under the form rules? The first action the submitter takes before submitting the form is the select Yes or No and I think the change rule is firing and saving when it’s not intended to. How can I more easily save a radio button value change?

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Re: How to save radion button list value to smart object when the selection chages

Hey Jaswerl,


It seems you might be missing some mappings here.


So the easiest way to save the value of a radio-button list is to set up an SmO save action on the RBL’s Change event:


When the Radio Button List is Changed

then on MySmartObject execute the Save method (configure)


In the save you must provide an ID, if the ID is not specified at the time of execution it will create a new entry in your SmartObject.


Let me know if you struggle to get this working.




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