How to Restrict SmartObject Execution rights?

I use the AD User and AD Group smart objects to interact with active directory through very controlled and carefully planned out processes that only a small handful of people have access to.  The problem is anyone who is a designer can execute these smart objects on their own and I am having a hard time finding a way to restrict this.  

Is there a good way to restrict access to smart object execution on an as-needed basis?

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Re: How to Restrict SmartObject Execution rights?

Hi  @GoldenWest ,


I believe this is possible by making use of the authorization framework - specifically setting object rights.

I would suggest creating a role and editing the rights for that role rather than specifying rights per person. 


In Designer using the context browser from the category tree:

  • Right click the object you would like to edit rights for

  • Click Security 

  • On this popup you are able to add your role and edit it's rights, for more information on exactly what the rights are and what they mean please see:

Hope this helps! 



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