Dynamicly build editable list with checkboxes

We currently use editable lists where we query data dynamically from SQL and populate the k2 list

we would like something similar where we can query a table and depending on parameters load a list view with checkboxes

say we have 3  items specified in SQL

Id, Rows, Columns

1, 3, 3

2, 7, 7

3, 10, 10

i would like to be able to query the table and then depending on the result build a k2 view with checkboxes for the selection

ie, pick id 2, then a view is created with 7 checkboxes across and 7 checkboxes down

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Re: Dynamicly build editable list with checkboxes

Hello braddo,


As of the current release of K2 Five (5.3), an out of the box feature to dynamically construct a view structure and content does not exist. This would be a great feature request to log on, though!


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