Dynamically setting a reply to email address instead of the server addrss

I'm new to K2.  I have a user who wants emails sent from the workflow to have the "approving manager's" email address as the reply to instead of the default server address (that will bounce) so the end user can reply to that approving manager directly.  I know it's not possible 'out of the box' but any  help/suggestions are welcomed.

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Re: Dynamically setting a reply to email address instead of the server addrss

If you have SmartActions enabled, you will not be able to set the 'From Address'.  This will use the email address bound to the "self" attribute of the SmartActions configuration section in the 'K2HostServer.exe.config' file (located at C:Program Files(x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin).  It will looks similarly to below:


 <system self="K2:DENALLIXK2Service" enableListeners="true" allowAmbiguity="true" />


enableListeners="true"  --> SmartActions enabled, cannot set From Address, uses email address for self="K2:DENALLIXK2Service" set in Active Diretory


enableListeners="false"   --> SmartActions is disabled, can set From Address value, however you will also likely need to configure 'Send On Behalf Of" permission ON the "Approving Manager" account TO the K2 Service Account


The email sent will indicate the From field as "K2 Service Account on behalf of Approving Manager".  Some additional details regarding "Send On behalf Of" can be found at: