Double click a list view to edit its content

I have a list view which Called 'Dates List' and an editable list view called 'Dates Elv' for a timesheet i am creating.


I want to double-click on any row in the 'dates List', so It can open the editable list view  and add , edit some data in that specific ROW that i double clicked on the 'Dates List view'


this is because there are some fields in the 'Dates Elv' that arent displayed in the 'Dates List' that i want to add data too and also to allow multiple entries on a single field.


Eg: under the date culumn on '4/08/2022' an  employee may have more than one task they did so under the Tasks column i  would like to add multiple tasks.


ISSUE:   when i add multiple entries they go on a new row where the othere dates are when i only want that specific row to be updated.


Rules i used:

When the View executed List item double click

then complete the following one after another
then open test ELV - (open subview ) as a subview (configure)
then transfer data  (configure)

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Re: Double click a list view to edit its content

Check the List refresh rule, and make sure you are not also manually refreshing
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