Approver comments on custom task

Hello All,


Many thanks for this wonderful group for helping me with answers to all my questions.


I have created custom task form using the link below which is very helpful.




Please could you let me know how to capture the approver comments as well from each of the approvers?





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Re: Approver comments on custom task

Hi tssivakumar,


You will have to add a textbox on your approver view (Multi-Line) and on the Submit you will have to write the comments to a SmartObject.


My suggestion here would be to create a SmartObject as follows:

Name: MyWorkflowComments



ID (Autonumber)

Comment (Memo)

ExpenseID (Number)     **NOTE: This field name should be something to identify the current Process, in case of a Leave Request you will make this a LeaveRequestID, etc

SubmittedBy (Text)

SubmittedDate (DateTime)


Then on the Submit Rule, before you action your workflow, run the SmartObject Create method and set the following values:


ID: No value - This is autonumber

Comment: The Comment text box

ExpenseID: This is the field to identify the current process or item

SubmittedBy: The current user that submitted the comment

SubmittedDate: Current Date and Time