Advanced Condition with multiple Rules



I have a rule which was used to validate a control against a smartobject (images attached). Previously, this was used to prevent users from submitting a form if the BAR_CODE entered in a text box already existed in the table, which worked fine.


However, it must now also validate against the LENGTH value - i.e. an existing BAR_CODE with the same LENGTH must be prevented from submitting, but an existing BAR_CODE with a different LENGTH should be permitted. However when the advanced condition is combined it doesn't work.


I've attached images of the form and the rule in question, appreciate any responses.

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Re: Advanced Condition with multiple Rules

This is just a matter of putting logic in the right place but its not clear on what you are trying to do.  The two fields you want to enter, barcode and length, are you using inline list editing or are they entered somewhere outside of the list view?  Have the values in the list already been committed to the database or are they residing on the form until submission?

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