Populate same data to multiple autocomplete form field on K2 form

Unfortunately, i have to populate a autocomplete form field on a form with several hundred choices.  

The form contains 10 of the same autocomplete form field, with the same data source on each. 

It takes a long time to populate each autocomplete form field. 

Does anyone know a good way to handle this?

 Here is the use case:  The information is for an Accounts Payable workflow where accountants put an invoice in for review and payment approval.  The users can apply each AP invoice up to 10 GL Accounts.  This is a 4 segment numeric code separated by dashes.   

All 10 form fields can add one of these 4 segment numeric codes. 


Here is a screenshot.  - User types in the autocomplete, and it populates the text field below with the data.  (this is so that accountant can just type 'rent', and it finds the GL account)

Screenshot 2021-05-12 173112.jpg 

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