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In Workflow, Check if User is in a specific group

I have an email step that I am going to be putting the name and email of the person assigned to the task. I have the info of the person who opens the task stored in a smart object. Our Users and Groups are stored in AAD. There will be 2 groups of people who will be working on the tasks. For one of these groups I would like to mask their information and replace their name and email with something else. All of the people will be part of one AAD group. All users in this group will be masked with the same thing. How do I check if a user is in a specific group from a workflow? 


For example:

Group 1: Jeff, Jim;  Group 2: Bob, Billy


   this is a test email-

   Person Assigned: <Display Name>

   Person Email: <Email>



In the workflow I want to check if the person is part of group 2 and instead of showing their email ( I want to show ( ). So if the person is Jeff it will show Jeff and and if the person is Bob (since Bob is in Group 2) it will show Group 2 and


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Re: In Workflow, Check if User is in a specific group

I think there is a smartobject you can use in the workflow to get users by group.
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