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How to manage environments on K2 Cloud (dev, staging, production...) ?


Caution ! This is a newbie question.

One of my customers has developed its solution using his unique K2 Cloud environment.

Now he wants to implement new features on this solution without impacting the production solution (he needs Dev and/or Staging environment(s)).

What is the recommended approach to achieve this using K2 Cloud ?

Is there an out-of-the-box feature allowing us to push new features from a staging environment to the production one (keeping environments in sync) ? How to provision a new environment ? What are the licensing/pricing consequences ?

Could you give me links to resources on this if they exist, please ?

Thank you.

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Re: How to manage environments on K2 Cloud (dev, staging, production...) ?

Hello alxg,

It is possible to have multiple environments in K2 Cloud. I am currently working with 2 environments; Dev and Prod. You could technically have as many environments as you want. You will need to contact K2/Nintex to set up a new environment for you.

When you have more then one environment you will have to learn how to use the P&D tool. This is the built in method to be able move files from one environment to another. Here is a link to documentation on how to use the P&D tool:

You will mainly need to come up with a process for how you want to keep the environments in sync and how you want to keep each environment clean.


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