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Underlying AutoComplete control value is not removed


Steps to replicate the issue:
1. Create a view with control autocomplete and button
2. Create the following rule: When button is clicked, show the value of the autocomplete control using “Show a message”.
3. On the view itself, enter the value in the control and select the value that appears. Click on the button. A popup window will appear showing the resolved value.
4. Clear the value from the autocomplete control. Click on the button again. The popup window still shows the resolved value even though it is cleared from the control.


When the value on the autocomplete control is cleared, the value on the display is gone but the underlying value is not removed.


This has been idenitified as a new bug to be fixed in a future release.

As a workaround, you may create another button and add a rule "When button is clicked, then transfer data" to transfer an empty value to the autocomplete control.

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