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Unable to see the Security Tab in K2 Workspace for K2Admin, K2Install or K2Service Account


When attempting to access the Security Tab of K2 Workspace certain users are unable to use this resource.


This is a configuration issue that is caused when a user is applied to the Security > Workspace Permissions section. After a user has been given specific rights to this section it will by default remove those rights for all other users. If no user rights have been applied to this section all users will be able to use the resources provided in Workspace.


To fix this issue the following can be done:

1. Access K2 Workspace > Security tab > Security node > Workspace Permissions, with an account that has been given specific rights to access the Security Tab.
2. Have this user apply Workspace rights to every required account.
3. Have these users check Workspace to ensure that they have been given sufficient rights to view each Workspace tab.

Confirmation should be made that this fixes the issue. All user accounts applied to the Security section should be able to access each Workspace tab without issue.

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