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Unable to Package and Deployment to live following a control type change in K2 Designer


A Text Box Control was changed to a Text Area Control in development and tested with no problems. When looking to deploy the package in Production, the following error was displayed: 'conflict with view' The conflict was resolved by selecting create new version.


After deploying, when opening the form, the following error is displayed: 'runtime error occurred: control could not be found'.



By recreating the View with the changed Text Area and updating the Form with the new view. After that an 'IPC Failed to Start, Input string was not in a correct format' error was also experienced on a related workflow.


By comparing the Input properties on a successful workflow with a failing one, it was found that one property value was not being set when the workflow is started.


This value also gets passed to the IPC event which was the cause of the issue.


Mapped the required value to the identified Workflow Field of the ?then start the Workflow? rule. When submitting new Form data, the Workflow executed with no issues.



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