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SmartForms bug for Image/File attachment control - form passes validation even when the file has not completed uploading


To replicate the issue:
[Design time]
1. have a img/file attachment and a save button
2. save button > on click > validate the attachment control as required
[Run time]
3. upload a huge file (10mb). While the file is uploading, click save. The form will pass validation.

Some findings on smartforms behavior:
1. While the file is in "uploading" state, it passes the "control contains a value" condition. (i.e. attachment control !=empty)
2. In a data label, assign an expression as the value of the attachment control.
Result: The value will be empty while the control is in "uploading" state. When the attachment has completed upload, the value will be reflected.




This is a known issue. Here is the workaround:

1. Add a data label to the form/view

2. Set an expression to the data label, and map the value of the attachment control.

3. Add a condition to check if the data label is populated. If the data label is populated, the attachment control should have finished uploading.

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