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Public access to K2 environment


Public access to K2 environment

We have a K2 setup. To date, it has been accessed with our firewall (not public internet). We now need to enable public internet access.
I have made the following updates, but access to K2 URLs does not work. What changes need to be made to the K2 application or sharepoint to allow internet facing access. We also want this access from mobile devices.

1) External DNS is setup for
2) External address is NATed to internal server address.
3) Ports 80, 443, 81 are open.

URLs we use internally are:

We expected with external access we should get to:

Trying to access this URL leads us back to the (internal server name).



Ensured that IIS and DNS were configured and the binding were set


Configured the new bindings in IIS than configured K2 to know about and use the new bindings using the Blackpearl and SmartForms setup managers.

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