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K2 Workflow to MS Flow Integration

This guide will show how to integrate K2 Workflow to Microsoft Flow. If you are reading this, then you already decided that there is a good business scenario for starting an MS Flow from K2 Workflow. For a more detail discussion on how the two products complement each other go here

K2 Rest Service Instance

K2 provides a method to define a REST service call as a service instance and then generate a SmartObject to execute the REST calls. You can find more information about REST Service Type here.

Step by step instructions

The sample application shown below simulates a completed sales opportunity in a K2 Workflow. The opportunity details are sent to MS Flow to notify the person responsible for it. In a real business solution, this MS Flow will probably start a line-of-business sales and ordering system.

Step1: Design your MS Flow

First, we need to define the MS Flow. This flow will get the weather from MSN, pass it to K2 Workflow, get a response back and then complete the K2 Workflow.

  1. Create a new MS Flow from blank
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