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Error when installing K2 for Sharepoint on Sharepoint Server


Client is attempting to install K2 for SharePoint 2010 components on a SharePoint server, but a "The SQL server database configuration test failed as database of wrong type exist? error is displayed.


Verified SQL Database Collation to be correct.
Verified SQL Database Permissions to be correct.
From reviewing the InstallerTrace log it was found that a database connection is made to a ?K2? database, even though a different database name was specified.


From looking at the SQL Server it was found that both the client ?K2UAT? database and a different ?K2? database was present. The ?K2? database was unused and contained no tables. After setting the ?K2? database to offline, the installation as performed again and completed successfully.

A bug item was logged for the Developers to investigate why the Installer was trying to connect to a default K2 database even though a different database was specified.

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