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Error response smartaction emails received for past worklist items


We got a problem from all smartaction mails from past years and now.
Our users got reply emails from K2 accounts both production and development.
Those mails reply from their smartactions via the past worklists that they've already done.

Error in the email is as follows:-
The K2 server could not find the worklist item 1305_54. This item may have been actioned by another user.
The full error from the K2 server is 'The worklist item 1305_54 is no longer available or you do not have rights to open it.'.


This is a known issue with retention policies on the smartactions mailbox.


A coldfix was provided to the client to prevent future occurrences of smartaction emails being re-processed.

Additionally, kindly also perform an archiving of the old emails in the mailbox. The steps are as follows:-
1. Stop K2 blackpearl server service.
2. Archive the older mails from the SmartActions account.
3. Ensure that the mails does not stay in the inbox.
4. Start the K2 blackpearl server service.

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