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Working with Assign a task to multiple users object in NWC


In NWC when an "Assign a task to multiple users" action is used, a variable section is created based on the "Task name".  Two variables that are created in the section are text variables related to form links and the third is an object variable.

The object variable consists of the metadata from any task form controls as well as the responder, the method that was used to respond and the outcome.

The contents of the object variable is often required to be added to an email to notify of the result of the task for instance.



1.The output of the object is structured JSON but is contained inside a collection.

["{\"tf_5953a3f3aec84a6cbda313b917771cd2_form_variables\":{\"tf_5953a3f3aec84a6cbda313b917771cd2_text_short_1_c8KGPrxWLi\":\"ASA\"},\"tf_5953a3f3aec84a6cbda313b917771cd2_task_responder\":\"\",\"tf_5953a3f3aec84a6cbda313b917771cd2_task_response_method\":\"Form submission\",\"tf_5953a3f3aec84a6cbda313b917771cd2_task_outcome\":\"Approve\"}"]

2. The first step is to use a "Get item from collection" action to extract the JSON into a text variable at index 0.

3. To extract the required "name/value pair" from the text variable resulting from the collection operation a "Query JSON" action is used.

Configuring the action:

The JSON Source will be the variable output from the collection operation.

If the responder was required the JSONPath expression would look like this example: $.tf_5953a3f3aec84a6cbda313b917771cd2_task_responder.

Note that the GUID will be different for each task.

Create a variable for the output.  In this case the output would be


Additional Information

The Query JSON action has an expression checker built in but I found that the below site also works very well.

JSON Path finder:



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