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Using Google Drive Images in Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms.


When using a Google Drive shared link to an image file, the Nintex Workflow Cloud form image control will not accept the URL and shows the error : "This image format is not supported."


The shared URL link from Google Drive is in the format similar to :


To use this image in a Nintex Workflow Cloud form the first thing to do is to trim the end of the URL staring at /view.


The next step is to replace /file/d with /uc?id= like so:


At this stage the Nintex Workflow Cloud Image control will still not accept the URL so we need to add a parameter at the end of the URL to reference that this is an image file.  We do that by adding &.jpg or similar file extension.  Which extension is used is not important as this is only added so that the image control accepts the URL.
The finished URL will look like:




This image format is not supported.


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