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NWC SharePoint Online Connection How To Connect To Non-Root Site Collection

How to get to your list when configuring SharePoint Online actions in your NWC workflow.


To access your list in a SharePoint Online action, fill in the connection, site, and list as indicated below.

In this action field... Select or enter the following:


Connection An existing connection for SharePoint Online. For example, to access the ACME SharePoint site at, you might select ACME. For instructions on creating connections, see Create connections.

Sharepoint site URL

The URL of the SharePoint site containing the list of interest. For example, to access the Marketing subsite on ACME, you might select

The drop-down list is limited to top-level sites of the root site collection. For example, the ACME root site might contain top-level sites for HR, IT, and Mktg. To specify a different site or site collection, enter or copy and paste the full site URL.

Note: You must press ENTER after pasting a URL to update the selections available for List name.

List name

The list of interest. For example, to access a registration list from the selected Marketing subsite, you might select  XConfRegistrations.

The drop-down list is limited to lists in the selected SharePoint site URL.

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