K2 SmartForms SharePoint List - List item displays one day behind

Displayed date via K2 Smartforms in SharePoint List (SharePoint Online) is one date behind the current date

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K2 SmartForms SharePoint List – The displayed date is behind one day when adding a new list item, where a Date field is set to only Date in K2.

Before You Begin

Please note if you decide to use the K2 Date data type, it will not be doing a conversation on a date as this is not something available out-of-the box.

K2 Date/Time data type is the correct data type to use.

How-to Steps

This is observed as by design. SharePoint will always work with Date/Time. It saves in Date/Time even if you indicate Date only.

In the following scenario, a user saves a date (for example 15/06/2017 - even if it is Date only) using the Sharepoint Form, SharePoint automatically converts the Date to (15/06/2017 07:00:00AM) and saves it. Later on, SharePoint knows that it needs to convert back from15/06/2017 07:00:00AM  to 15/06/2017 12:00:00AM . When the user views this information, there is no issue here with the SharePoint form as it shows the same day.

When a user saves a date using the K2 form, it sends in15/06/2017, but SharePoint saves as15/06/2017 12:00:00AM. When it returns for viewing, SharePoint still does its conversion for viewing: in this case 15/06/2017 12:00:00AM  will be converted to 14/06/2017 05:00:00PM  which is now the previous day, hence the issue. K2 is corrected because it is sending in a date only for a date only column. It is SharePoint that goes and saves a time and does conversions.

The best practice is to default to use Date/Time property in K2 and not Date property only. This way, it will send a Date/Time value to SharePoint.

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